Push box - Hollyhock

Sow your seeds directly in the grow box 🌱

Place the peat round at the bottom of the box and add 20 cl of water. Leave the water to absorb for an hour, the peat will increase in volume up to seven times. Be sure to separate the clumps at the end of the process.

Then plant the seeds 1 cm deep and cover them with peat.

And there you have it, all you have to do is wait for it to grow!

When to sow your hollyhocks?

It is advisable to sow hollyhocks in spring and summer in a mixture of garden soil and potting soil.

• Place around ten seeds sufficiently spaced from each other in the pot at a depth of approximately 1 cm.

• Water regularly with a light rain of water to keep the soil moist.

• When one or more plants have germinated, transplant them with the soil into a larger pot or into the ground.

• Flowering generally takes place the year following sowing.


Once established, hollyhocks require little maintenance. It draws the water it needs from the ground and can survive in harsh conditions.

• Remove faded flowers as you go to encourage the appearance of new flowers.

• Prune the stems at the end of the season, they will grow back naturally on their own the following year.

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