Macaroon Bouquet

Our soft and powdery colors bouquet is a delicate and romantic choice to express soft and subtle feelings. Composed of flowers in pastel and powdery hues, this bouquet creates a delicate and soothing atmosphere, perfectly suited to moments of tenderness, love and celebration.

Bouquet Features:

  • A refined selection of fresh flowers in pastel and powdery tones, such as pale roses, peonies, hydrangeas, carnations and other softly colored seasonal flowers.
  • Artistic and elegant composition, highlighting the beauty and delicacy of each flower.

For information, the price of the bouquet presented is 250 CHF.

Our creations are made according to the arrival of the day and the season to guarantee you quality and freshness. It is possible that certain varieties of flowers may vary depending on the circumstances.

Sale priceCHF 60.00
Size: S