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1 route de Chêne, 1207 Genève

Chez Jungle Pop, nous repoussons les frontières de l'art floral pour vous offrir des créations uniques et inspirantes. Plongez dans un univers où la tradition rencontre l'innovation, où chaque bouquet est une œuvre d'art moderne, conçu avec passion et créativité.

Laissez-nous éveiller vos sens avec des arrangements floraux audacieux et des designs avant-gardistes qui captiveront l'essence même de votre style.

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Flowers across cultures

Discover our blog dedicated to floral traditions around the world

Le Dia de Los Muertos au Mexique

Dia de Los Muertos in Mexico

Celebrating Life with Dia de los Muertos: The Meaning of Flowers in This Mexican Tradition Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is a celebration deeply rooted in Mexican culture, taking place ...

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Les rituels amérindiens

Native American rituals

The Importance of Flowers in Native American Traditions Flowers have always been much more than just a decorative element in Native American traditions and rituals. They embody a deep connection ...

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Les fleurs dans la culture asiatique

Flowers in Asian culture

Discover the Importance of Flowers in Asian Culture For centuries, flowers have held a central place in Asian culture, carrying deep and symbolic meaning within each society. From Tokyo to Bangko...

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an inspiration from the world

Our creative approach draws inspiration from cultural riches around the world, embracing the diversity of floral traditions to create unique and captivating works. However, beyond this inspiring diversity, our guideline is clear: a harmonious fusion between contemporary architecture and the timeless elegance of haute couture.

This approach allows us to present floral designs of incomparable sophistication, where the clean lines of modern architecture meet the lush textures and evocative color palettes of haute couture. Each composition is meticulously designed to capture the essence of this fusion, thus offering floral creations that embody both the avant-garde while shaking up the codes of the traditional florist.

The result is an unparalleled sensory and aesthetic experience. Our floral arrangements don't just adorn a space, they transform it into a true living painting, where the ephemeral beauty of flowers blends with the permanence of architecture. Each petal, each stem is meticulously placed to create a visual harmony that moves and inspires, evoking emotions as rich and complex as the cultures that inspired them.

Additionally, our commitment to innovation and sustainability is reflected in each of our creations. We continually research new environmentally friendly techniques and materials, while maintaining our uncompromising aesthetic. Thus, our customers can not only enjoy the beauty of our creations, but also have the certainty that they are the result of a thoughtful and responsible creative process, anchored in the values ​​of respect for nature and the constant search for excellence.

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