Remembrance Bouquet

Our colorful and sweet keepsake bouquet is designed to evoke the wonderful memories of forest walks. Inspired by the natural beauty of nature, this rustic bouquet captures the essence of forest colors, textures and scents. The carefully selected flowers evoke the tranquility, serenity and harmony of nature, creating a memorable visual and olfactory experience.

Bouquet Features:

  • A selection of fresh flowers in colorful and soft tones, reminiscent of the colors of trees, leaves and flowers of the forest. It can include roses, dahlias, peonies, calas, lisianthus and other seasonal flowers.
  • Artistic composition that captures the natural, organic look of floral arrangements.

Our creations are made according to the day's arrival and the season to guarantee quality and freshness. It is possible that some flower varieties may vary depending on circumstances.

For information, the price of the bouquet presented is 80 CHF.
Sale priceCHF 60.00
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