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Push box - Basil

Sow your seeds directly in the grow box 🌱

Basil is a fragrant plant that is quite easy to grow and productive if it benefits from good sunlight and regular watering.


Leave the peat disk at the bottom of the box and pour 20 cl of water. Let the water soak for an hour. The peat will increase in volume up to seven times. Carefully separate the small clumps of soil that will have formed after the process.

Then plant the seeds 1 cm deep and cover with soil (do not pack the soil on the seed).

And there you have it, all you have to do is wait for it to grow!

When to plant the seeds?

In March, you can start sowing your basil if you have a well-lit window at home or a heated greenhouse for seedlings.

In April, you can sow basil in a cold greenhouse.

From May to July you can sow basil directly outdoors.

The rest of the year, in a well-heated and bright room.

Sale priceCHF 25.00
Push box - Basil
Push box - Basil Sale priceCHF 25.00

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