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We are delighted to have had the opportunity to grace the event organized by Elle Suisse at the Intercontinental in Geneva. Celebrating beauty and elegance with a magazine as exceptional as Elle h...

Dior Parfums

Dior Parfums

An Unforgettable Sensory Experience: Awakening the Senses with Dior Organizing an event for a house as prestigious as Dior was an exciting challenge and a source of pride for us. Our commitment ...

Hôtel Hilton Genève | Corporate event - Futuristic theme

Hilton Geneva Hotel | Corporate event - Futuristic theme

It is with great satisfaction that we share with you this unforgettable corporate event at the Hilton Hotel in Geneva, placed under the sign of the future. Every detail was carefully thought o...

Presenting Daniel Ost

Presenting Daniel Ost

Daniel Ost, renowned worldwide as a master florist, transcends the limitations of conventional floral art to create arrangements that capture the very essence of nature. Born in Belgium, Ost conqu...

Warhol & Basquiat: l'alliance du pop art et de l'expressionnisme brut

Warhol & Basquiat: the alliance of pop art and raw expressionism

The history of modern art is punctuated by extraordinary creative encounters, but the collaboration between Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat in the 1980s remains one of the most intriguing and...

Ikebana: l'art floral Japonais

Ikebana: Japanese floral art

Ikebana, an ancient Japanese floral art, transcends the simple arrangement of flowers to become a profound and delicate artistic expression. Much more than a simple floral decoration, Ikebana is a...