Dior Parfums

Dior Parfums

An Unforgettable Sensory Experience: Awakening the Senses with Dior

Organizing an event for a house as prestigious as Dior was an exciting challenge and a source of pride for us. Our commitment to excellence and our love for floral art made it possible to enhance this event, offering guests an incomparable visual and olfactory experience, worthy of the prestige of Dior.

We approached the Dior project with the same rigor and passion as an architect sketching the contours of his building; this is the promise we make to our clients to enhance their events.

Every detail has been meticulously thought out and each flower has been carefully chosen to compose a floral project of sublime beauty.

We traced the lines of our floral arrangements, visualizing each arrangement in space to ensure perfect harmony with the environment of the Intercontinental Hotel in Geneva.

Like designers sketching the contours of a work of art, we gave free rein to our creativity to bring to life unique and captivating arrangements, which reflect the aesthetic and timeless elegance of the Dior brand.

Dior: The Embodiment of Excellence and Elegance

Since its creation in 1946 by legendary couturier Christian Dior, the Dior fashion house has embodies the very essence of French luxury and elegance. With its bold and refined creations, Dior has been able to redefine the codes of fashion, inspiring entire generations with its timeless aesthetic and innovative vision.

Each Dior piece tells a story of refinement and exceptional craftsmanship, captivating the senses and marveling the minds. From haute couture to captivating perfumes, Dior inspires a world of luxury and sophistication, where excellence is a promise kept at every moment.

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