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Article: Hilton Geneva Hotel | Corporate event - Futuristic theme

Hôtel Hilton Genève | Corporate event - Futuristic theme

Hilton Geneva Hotel | Corporate event - Futuristic theme

It is with great satisfaction that we share with you this unforgettable corporate event at the Hilton Hotel in Geneva, placed under the sign of the future.

Every detail was carefully thought out, from the choice of flowers to the artistic arrangement, creating an atmosphere that transported our guests into a unique and innovative universe.

This project, full of innovation and creativity, was the result of meticulous work that transcended our expectations. We had a great time working on this event, exploring cutting-edge ideas and pushing the boundaries of floral creativity.

Each member of our team contributed to this floral symphony that will be remembered as a celebration of art and innovation; a creative and daring exploration combining design and floral art.

A big thank you to all the teams and all the trades present during this event, your professionalism made it possible to enhance this extraordinary event.

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