Push box - Nettles

Nettle can be used in many ways: firstly, nettle tastes delicious in cooking, but it can also help protect the health of you and your vegetable garden. But how to sow and cultivate wild nettle in your garden? This is a serious matter because, despite appearances, nettle is a plant that requires careful care!

Sow your seeds directly in the grow box 🌱

Place the peat round at the bottom of the box and add 20 cl of water. Leave the water to absorb for an hour, the peat will increase in volume up to seven times. Be sure to separate the clumps at the end of the process.

Then plant the seeds 1 cm deep and cover them with peat.

And there you have it, all you have to do is wait for it to grow!

How to sow your nettle seeds?

• Growing nettle is simple. Sow nettle seeds in fall, spring or during summer. Seeds germinate under all these conditions. If you sow them in the fall, they will germinate and then survive the winter with no problem.

​• Insert seeds scattered and shallow into the soil. Water lightly with a mister every day without drowning them.

​• Nettle seeds germinate relatively quickly, with the first seedlings expected to appear in less than two weeks.

• Keep the soil moist until germination.

​• Transplant the plants into a pot or into your garden to promote optimal development and use them in soups, for example!

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